Treatise on the Dragon

While cleaning out old files I found a piece from 2009 or 2010. Lest you think I am all dreary depression and seriousness here, I share with you my extravagant response to the age old question
“Dragons or Unicorns?” 

When posed with the query “Dragons or Unicorns?”, My choice was made in a split second, and as time passes I become more assured that it is justified. The more thought I put into this, the more obvious the answer is. All I will say about the competing mythical creatures, namely unicorns, is this: They are simply no match. Unicorns have a lot of hype and do…not much. Pose with a rainbow background. Stand in the light. Look Pretty. (Seriously! See google images if you don’t believe me). Dragons, I must argue, are a different story:

Dragons are fascinating.

They are visually captivating with a strange mix of the grotesque with beauty. People of all ages will look at a picture of a dragon and examine the claws, the intricate detail of the scales and the expression in his eyes. Dragons are fun to create. Anyone can make a dragon (yes folks, we’re talking about imagination. Work with me. You have one. Use it)!

Does your dragon breath fire? Is it a sleek and crafty dragon, or is it large and shy? Does it have spikes on it’s back? Are it’s wings soft and velvety or rigid and bony? Does your dragon change colour in the light? Does your dragon have a charming smile? (See ‘Toothless’ in “How to Train your Dragon. I wouldn’t have believed it possible either). There are dragons of all sizes, colours and shapes, with unique abilities and character traits. No dragon is the same!

Also varied in personality and character, every dragon has a different story. Though dragons are widely known for their ferocity, not all are nasty or evil (See Bill Peet’s “How Droofus the Dragon Lost his Head”). Granted, dragons of a gentle nature are perhaps of the rarer sort, but they still do exist! Many dragons are greedy, arrogant, sneaky, or downright cruel, but that’s part of what adds to their…ermm.. .charm? Well, alright, so ‘charm’ is pushing it. Let’s try “awe factor”.

A dragon is independent, and fiercely proud. They take risks. Fearless and strong, nobody tells a dragon what to do. They are not limited by mountain ranges or oceans, by politics or opinions. Dragons are free from rule, free from obligation, free from even the earth – for dragons can fly! The mystery and intensity of dragons draw attention from both dreamers and adventure seekers of all ages. No story is complete without a Dragon!

Dragons do not prance. Also, unlike other mythical creatures (ahem – aka U-n-i-c-o-r-n-s), dragon admirers are not all six-year old girls. The word “sparkles!” doesn’t pop into my head every time I hear the word ‘dragon’. Dragons are fighters. Real fighters. They have more to protect them than a long awkward cone sticking out of their forehead.

My closing statement? Dragons are cool. Ask anybody.


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