Colo(u)r Your World: Fishin’ in Desert Sand

A Canadian girl’s take on the blogging challenge 120 Days of Crayola.

These lakes may not have beaches grand
yet still I’m smiling as I stand
Filled with a grin in the boat we manned
in an old tshirt of desert sand
And if you can’t see why,
You just don’t understand.




Tailo Junior; Atomic Tangerine





There is something

          atomic            tj4

about this little cat.

He’s also tangerine.


Sweet, like the fruit,


but wild,

like the energy.


4/5 photos taken by Sarah.
Model: Tailo Junior (TJ), named after Tailo Sr.,
who is currently residing in Lebanon.

Post inspired as part of the Color Your World blogging challenge, based on the colours of a 120-piece Crayola crayon box.