Life Lessons

A List of Life Lessons:

#9: Pray sooner than later. It makes a difference.

#12: You’ve got to start somewhere.
#15: Learn to Talk to People.

Numbers 21-29:
#21: You don’t need much to have fun.
#22: Work Together.
#23: Falls Happen. Get Up.
#24: Use Your Gifts
#25: Face your Challenges
#26: Smile
#27: Go Hard
#28: Treasure your Friendships
#29: Sometimes your presence is enough.

#39: You can do A Lot with Little.
#40: The one that cares the least catches the most fish.

#63: Normal is what you make it.

#92: Clean from Top to Bottom, Build Bottom to Up, and Wash Shower Knobs Clockwise.
#95: Always bring proper footwear on Adventures!

#225: ALWAYS, always, flush!



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